Given the fact that people nowadays lead highly stressful lives, it has become essential to have health coaching to incorporate changes in their lifestyles to lead healthier lives. Now this might sound quite simplistic. You have a stressful life; you hire a health coach and lead a healthier life. However, this would be oversimplifying things. If you talk to a health coach, you will find that it consists of a complex process of continuous support provided to clients through nutritional consultations, email support, and ongoing sessions. Here is all you need to know about the support offered by health coaches.

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What do health coaches do?

The first thing that a health coach will do is provide you with complete support, be it nutritional or emotional when making lifestyle changes. A health coach is your guide. You need to discuss with him the details of your life, such as the type of diet you follow, your sleep cycles, and other elements of your daily routine. Based on that, your health coach will guide you regarding the changes you need to make to your lifestyle to make your life healthier. However, you can rest assured that your health coach is no dictator! When you opt for health coaching near Scottsdale, AZ, you will find that your coach will evaluate your condition and provide precise client-centric support. Here are some of the specific supports you can expect from your health coach:

  • Nutritional coaching: This is one of the most significant supports health coaches provide. If you lead a stressful life, you will find the first thing that suffers the most is your food habit. Even if you try to incorporate good eating habits, adhering to a plan or selecting a perfect meal plan for your lifestyle can become quite complicated. But with a health coach, you can simplify the whole process. He will evaluate your lifestyle and provide you with meal plans that are ideal for you. He can give pointers that if you follow, you will find it easier to adhere to a healthy eating plan. Finally, when you opt for health coaching, you can access recipes curated for your meal plan. Thus, preparing a meal and adhering to a meal plan becomes easier even with a hectic lifestyle.
  • Helping clients develop good habits: Health coaches are responsible for assisting clients in making suitable lifestyle changes. When you eat healthily and get daily exercise, you are essentially changing your lifestyle. The challenge that arises here is to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Clients often find adhering to a healthy lifestyle challenging because it requires commitment. For example, if the diet requires you to give up on junk food completely, you might find it difficult, especially if you have the habit of staying out late at night and not cooking at home. You will find that you are ordering most of the time, and most of your orders consist of junk food. However, with the help of regular sessions with your health coach, you can bring about positive changes in your lifestyle. He will guide you and help you adhere to a healthy lifestyle. He will help you develop good habits and ensure you maintain these.
  • Help you with goal setting: When you opt for health coaching near Scottsdale, AZ, you will find that the health coaches first hold a discussion session with you. This meeting is essential to gain an understanding of your goals. Many times, clients need help to set goals for themselves or often set unattainable goals. For example, clients sometimes have a misconception that the fact that they have hired a health coach means they can completely change their lifestyle. However, it is essential to understand that making positive changes to one’s lifestyle requires effort and commitment. Hence, it is important to set attainable goals, and your health coach can guide you regarding goal setting. This will reduce any disappointment that you may feel during the process.

Thus, your health coach is your best guide in making lifestyle changes. It is also essential to take a health coach’s help when making lifestyle changes. Any sudden change to your diet can affect your health adversely, especially if you cut down on your calories. However, if you do it under the guidance of an expert health coach, you will find that you can achieve the desired results without affecting your physical or mental health.

What will a health coach never do?

When you approach a health coach, you will find that he will never give you medical advice. He might ask you whether you have any pre-existing medical condition, such as Type 2 Diabetes or Hypothyroidism, but he will never treat it. He needs this information when he creates a diet chart for you or provides nutritional advice. Here are some of the things that a health coach will never do:

  • A health coach will never provide a client with medical advice. He is a nutritional expert with the necessary degree to provide complementary care, but he is not a replacement for primary care.
  • A health coach will never write prescriptions. This is done only by doctors or primary care providers.
  • A health coach cannot advise you regarding nutritional supplements you need to take. If you suffer from any disease requiring dietary supplements, only your primary healthcare provider can help you. Your health coach can guide you regarding when you need to include the supplement in your diet but not prescribe the supplement.

Thus, when you opt for health coaching, you will find that it provides comprehensive diet and lifestyle management plans but never medical advice.

Will your health coach empower you and help you become accountable for your health?

This is one of the most significant supports a health coach provides. When approaching a health coach, it is essential to understand that it is a collaborative process. During your session, your health coach will understand your expectations from the session and guide you accordingly to achieve your goals. During the process, he will help you know that your health is one of your greatest assets, and you must become accountable for it.

Difficult as it might sound, it is not something that you cannot achieve. It would be best if you were diligent about it. The question arises here: How does a health coach help a client become accountable for his health? The first thing that your health coach will help you do is feel good about yourself. For example, clients often think that more than just dietary and daily routine changes are required for suitable lifestyle changes.

Sometimes coaches need to suggest massage and healing therapies to make it easier for them to make these lifestyle changes. Becoming accountable for one’s health can only be possible with a health coach’s support. Hence, one of the supports you can expect from your health coach is that he will empower you, provide you with the necessary support and ensure that you become accountable for your health progressively and gradually so that it does not disrupt your mental health.

What are the lifestyle issues that health coaching can address?

When you opt for health coaching near Scottsdale, AZ, you want to address specific lifestyle issues. Most clients go to health coaches because they seek better lifestyle management.  With the help of health coaches, you can manage your lifestyle issues. Some of the lifestyle issues that health coaching addresses are as follows:

  • Stress management: In most cases, health coaches manage stress and anxiety. Health coaches often mention that adults usually stress-eat because they cannot control the stress and anxiety of their work or personal lives, which often leads to bad eating habits. In the long run, this can lead to permanent unhealthy eating habits, especially if you do not opt for a change in your lifestyle. Moreover, this can even become a significant health issue. Thus, early health training, coaching, and addressing stress-related problems prevent these from becoming medical issues.
  • Smoking: If you smoke regularly and this has become a significant problem, you need to take the help of a health coach to give up the habit. In the case of chain smokers, you must first consult a doctor who can guide you through the initial stage of the process. There will be withdrawal symptoms that need to be managed; this is where a health coach can help you understand the process. He can guide you with lifestyle management and the dietary changes you must incorporate. You will find that if you follow the advice of your health coach, you will find it easier to quit smoking.
  • Sleep better: If you have trouble sleeping, your health coach will help you manage this lifestyle problem. Keeping late hours and going to bed extremely late at night is a significant issue that afflicts a large part of the global population. According to the Sleep Foundation, smoking, excessive consumption of caffeine, and alcohol consumption are essential contributors to bad sleeping habits. If you want to change your lifestyle and ensure that you have good sleeping habits, you need the help of a life coach. He will evaluate your lifestyle and your health condition. Based on that, he will advise you on how to change your sleeping habits and sleep better. You will find that if you follow his advice, you can introduce this essential lifestyle change.
  • Time management: You need a health coach if you are looking to manage your time better and need a health coach. Time management is essential to ensure that you eat on time, exercise on time, and sleep on time! However, doing this based on your work and personal life would be best. Discussing all of these with your health coach would be best. He can tell you how to manage your time better. This is essential so that you get sufficient time to sleep and you get time to exercise. Your diet is also necessary, so you must keep time aside to prepare your meals. So, you will find that your health coach is the best person regarding time management according to your lifestyle.

Thus, there are several lifestyle issues that your health coach will address so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. This is essential for your overall well-being. The first thing you should do when hiring a health coach has an open and frank discussion with him. You need to tell him about your lifestyle and your health issues. Based on the lifestyle changes you need, your health coach will provide suitable guidance.

Can health coaching help with disease management?

If you think that health coaching can cure diseases like blood pressure and diabetes, then you are mistaken. However, it is known that health training and coaching can help you manage these diseases. A study published in the National Library of Medicine about the Clinical Effectiveness of Lifestyle Health Coaching shows that individuals who have undergone three months of lifestyle and health coaching have significantly improved their health. The study also suggested that lifestyle management has a long-term effect on managing these diseases. Patients have said they found that they could do activities that they earlier avoided due to health issues. They found it easier to manage their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Similarly, weight management and cardiovascular health management have also become easier when they undertook health coaching. Thus, health coaching can also help with disease management, especially with diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol.

Looking for a Health Coach?

When you look for a health coach, you must understand your requirements. If you want to make lifestyle changes and need a coach to help you with comprehensive support, you must check for centers that provide similar help. At Harmonized Health, we believe in giving complete support and holistic health coaching. If you are looking for comprehensive support regarding health and wellness, all you need to do is call us. We believe in meeting all our client’s requirements and providing extensive health coaching. So, contact us right away.

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